Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, eventhe God of our salvation. Selah.

Psalms 68:19


Hope isn’t just something to embrace for our long term or short term goals. It’s also something that we should be striving to incorporate into our daily lives. Hope is not an ebds to a means, rather a it is a daily lifestyle, a way of living. It can make us happier, more efficient and much more likely to achieve our dreams. 

The more hopeful we are every day, the more this will carry over into everything we do. Hope is an anchor of the soul. 

But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more. – Psalms 71:14

Here’s some ways to incorporate hope into your daily life. 

Help Someone.

Whenever we help someone even in a small way, it sends a message to ourselves that if there’s hope for that person there is also hope for us as well. Take the opportunities as they present themselves to help those less fortunate than you may be and don’t be surprised when you feel yourself becoming more and more filled with hope everyday. 

Give Up the Victim Card. 

When you refuse to think of yourself as a victim and accept total responsibility for yourself every hour of every day your life will change for the better. This is by far one of the most productive things you can do to become more hopeful. Absolutely life changing. 

Smile More.

It’s hard not be filled with hope when you have a smile on your face. In fact studies have shown when you smile it actually triggers a hormonal response that leads to a more relaxed spirit. By smiling more not only will you be more hopeful, but you will also help spread a hopeful vibe to those around you. 

Be Grateful.

When we express gratitude hope soars. Express gratitude sincerely whenever you can and watch how lighter your emotional state begins to feel. This is a secret that goes back thousands of years and whole new age belief systems have been set up around it. Why? Because it works and works well.

Read Hope Filled Works.

Turn off the television for thirty minutes a night and read something that’s going to make you feel more hopeful. There is nothing more helpful tha the Bible itself, add to this other positve readings. This could mean a spiritual or religious book for many, but things like self-help or philosophy books can aso help is certain ways. The main thing is that you recharge your mental batteries with positive thinking.  this will help with an over-all positive mental attitude. 


Meditation is not complicated and can bring with it serious mental and emotional benefits. Even fifteen minutes of sitting in silence a day while trying to silence your thoughts can mean all the difference in the world. This is a traditional way of becoming more hopeful and may not be for everyone, but for those who it resonates with it’s pretty hard to top.


The more fit you are the more hopeful you will feel. Pick a form of physical activity you enjoy and dive in. Strength, fitness and health come hand in hand with accomplishing the rest of your big dreams, trust me.

After taking a look at this list I’m sure you came up with a few ideas of your own. When you combine both sets of ideas you should have no problem with picking a few of these things a day and applying them to your life. This is what our Guide is about – taking action and seeing real change. That involves working towards our dreams every day!