Are you feeling full of hope? Yes? Good, because I saved the best for last.


Thanks for reading so far, but please don’t neglect this last post. It’s probably the most important of them all because we are about to address the #1 problem that kills hope and side lines the drive to make positive transformation.

Can you guess what it is?


The best plan, the best diet, the best exercise program, and on and on will never do a bit of good until you apply them. The hard truth is that most people (some studies say 90%) who pick up a self-help guide of any sort never make the effort to apply the principles to their lives.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is one of the popular definitions of insanity.

How to we break free from these traps?

The answer is simple, but no easy feat for most of us. The fact is we need to take immediate and consistent action. And when I say immediate, I mean IMMEDIATE. Like right now.

This prevents our inertia from working against us. Really even applying one tip you picked up from this whole guide is a good start and then adding more and more as you go on will come naturally . Nothing builds hope like moving forward! 

Some encouragement on this front: we may be in the habit of being “stuck”, but research by behavioral scientists shows that it only takes 21 days to establish new healthy habits. That means in less than a month of doing the right thing our subconscious minds will kick in and support us! Think about what great news that is!

If you can keep the flicker of hope burning for 21 days while you push forward you can realistically expect it to turn into a bonfire. The key is to keep moving forward and to keep doing the right things both big and small.

This principle can be applied nearly everywhere in life. From practicing affirmations, to not watching so much televisions, to going to the gym or following a new diet and beyond!

A close friend described to me that “the effort to make huge personal changes is comparable to a space shuttle being launched”. The hard work and most of the energy is 

spent right at the beginning to get out of Earth’s atmosphere. This is where you need the most fuel.

Self-change is the same way. You need to expend the most effort, energy and fuel in the beginning – and a good deal of the fuel that keeps us going is hope, so make sure it’s stocked up. Once we pick up speed the universe begins conspiring in our favor.

The flicker of hope inside is telling you, you are capable of so much more. That the life of your dreams can be seized if you have the focus, effort and willpower to take it. And if you also keep flicker of hope alive through the rough spots. Hope believes in you and you should believe in yourself as well!

Start the journey today. There’s no good reason not to! 

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