The benefits of mentoring are many. Here’s a short list of 21 benefits.

For the Mentor

1. Allows the mentor to “give back” – to both the organization and the mentoree

2. Reminds the mentor how to listen actively rather than passively

3. Encourages the mentor to share knowledge, which helps increase the mentor’s sense of self-worth

4. Strengthens the mentor’s interpersonal relationship skills

5. Teaches the mentor about other areas/departments within the organization

6. Helps re-energize the mentor’s career or ministry

7. Leads to more personal satisfaction on the mentor’s behalf

For the Mentoree

1. Increases the mentoree’s self-confidence

2. Helps the mentoree learn to take better control of his/her career

3. Teaches the mentoree how to speak up and be heard

4. Educates the mentoree on how to accept feedback in important areas, such as communications, technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills

5. Improves the mentoree’s interpersonal relationship skills

6. Provides an important networking contact for the mentoree, which may help jumpstart his/her ministry or career

7. Helps the mentoree better understand the organization’s culture and unspoken rules, both of which can be critical for success

For the Organization

1. Conveys to people within the organization that leadership is willing to invest in its members/employees

2. Shows the outside world that the organization values its members/employees

3. Fosters more loyal employees/members — this can lead to reduction in turnover rates (which saves money on recruitment and training costs)

4. Creates a more positive work environment

5. Fosters leadership skills in mentors

6. Encourages the mentoree’s growth from junior-level member/employee to future leader

7. Promotes a sense of cooperation and harmony within the organization