• A developmental sharing and helping relationship where one person invests time, know-how, and effort in enhancing another person’s growth, knowledge, and skills.
  • Responding to critical needs in the life of another person in ways that prepare that person for greater performance, productivity, or achievement in the future.


  • Anyone who has an important, long-lasting, beneficial, life or style-enhancing effect on another person, generally as result of personal one-on-one contact (regardless of the media used)
  • Anyone who, through his/her personal knowledge, insight, perspective or wisdom, is helpful to another person in a relationship that goes beyond doing one’s duty or fulfilling one’s obligations


  • A person being mentored by another person or persons; especially one who makes an effort to internalize and use effectively the knowledge, skills, insights, perspective, or wisdom offered by the mentor(s) 
  •  A recipient of a mentor’s help; especially a person who seeks out such help and uses it appropriately for developmental purposes whenever needed 


  • One of the most important goals of the mentoring relationship is that a mentee might, in time, be able to mentor other people – even being both mentor and mentee at the same time – in different relationships, for different areas of learning.