Milestones In Life

Rev And Mrs Klinedinst

Doug Klinedinst

About Douglas

Since 1987 Rev Klinedinst has traveled to many nations and extensively within the USA. Throughout the year he continues to conduct crusades, conferences, camp meetings, revivals, and seminars within North America and numerous location overseas. These meetings are marked by the mighty demonstration of God's power!
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Ann Klinedinst

About Patricia

Patricia Klinedinst is truly a women of grace and spiritual character. She demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit punctuated with a meekness and a quiet nature. Her spiritual strength is readily noticeable to those who have been blessed to know her. Recently she has begun speaking in churches and ladies meetings.
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Zachary And Jeremiah Klinedinst

zac klinedinst

About Zachary

Zachary Klinedinst is an aspiring your minister with a desire to be involved in church planting and pastoral ministry. He is currently finishing his undergraduate studies with a B.S in Psychology and is planning on pursuing a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
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Jeremiah Klinedinst

About Jeremiah

Jeremiah Klinedinst is an aspiring young minister. His life and ministry is marked by contagious passion. Currently he is beginning into the ministry of an evangelists with a desire to travel full-time helping churches come alive in worship, prayer and outreach. He is engaged to be married in the spring of 2017.
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