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March 25, 2012
Vanuatu General Conference
August 26, 2012

PowerUP Kansas City

The Second Annual PowerUp Conference in Kansas City, MO begins this week! The dates for the conference are March 29 – April 1. 

I am very excited about this conference. We have many guests coming in including my very good friends from Louisiana, Bro Rick Maricelli, Pastor Paul Trentacost and Pastor Donivan Hill. 

The services start Thursday night at 7:30 PM at the Life Church in Kansas City, MO.

This conference is designed to  be a time of prayer, worship and deepening our relationship with God. We are praying for the gifts of the Spirit to be in operation and and  demonstration of the power of God. 

Speakers include: Pastor Jerry Tipton, Pastor J. Todd Nichols, Pastor Steve Willeford and Myself.  There will be several keynotes along the way also. These will be delivered by Justin Gleason, Stan Gleason, Rick Maricelli and Donivan Hill. 

Our vision for PowerUp Ministries is training and development for  "Apostolic Life and Ministry" 

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